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HUST Member Spotlight


Jaden White is sophomore student from Chicago, Illinois BWO Houston, Texas looking in the field of Communications for TV/Film and Computer Science for video game development.

When he's not stepping with HUST, Jaden is an active member of the Chicago Club and also participated in the ResFest competition with CookHST. Jaden is looking forward to a semester full of growth and accomplishment as he will be working extremely hard to achieve all his academic, physical and mental goals. 

Through past adversity, Jaden has proven that he is not only a man with a good heart, but also with a strong will. Though Jaden is unsure about his plans after graduation, he is determined to succeed in any career he chooses to pursue - like the King that he is.



The Howard University Step Team was founded in 2007, to exemplify the principles of leadership, excellence, truth, and service though stepping as a performance discipline. By being dedicated to these principles, our members constantly excel academically, socially, and in all performance settings. Ranking as one of the top five collegiate step teams in the nation, the Howard University Step Team represents Howard University on a local and national scale. Through performance and community outreach, we promote and encourage global and servant leadership. 

At Howard University, we host a variety of programs that not only demonstrate our purpose but also promote health and wellness. In addition to competing across the nation, each semester we host step clinics, the Howard University Step Team Week, resume building workshops, and programs in partnership with other affluent organizations on Howard's campus.

The Howard University Step Team has several accolades such as being the first non-Greek step organization at a Historically Black College or University; founding a step team at the Howard University Middle School for Mathematics and Science Squared, and winning first place at several different step competitions. Our victories include St. John's University's 2017 "Step Hard or Go Home" competition, and being 2016 and 2015 back to back champions at Princeton University.


 If you have any questions or inquiries, please send us an email at howardustepteam@gmail.com